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Text Box: Price: $5.99
Text Box: Economical way to convert a standard narrow curtain rod into the latest wide pocket look.  Each package is 2 1/2 X 10 .


Price: $18.99/pr

Our most popular style wrap. Comes in either gold or chrome with black flame.


Pushrod Cover - Flames

Price: $13.99/pr

A great wrap to add dimension to your existing chrome rod. Comes in gold or black.


Pushrod Cover - Clover Leaf

Text Box: Price: $13.99/pr
Text Box: Black is the new chrome for motorcycles.  The union jack wrap creates the look.

Pushrod Cover - Union Jack

Price: $18.99/pr

Text Box: Black powder coated wrap with a chrome skull insert.

Pushrod Cover - Skull

Price: $13.99/pr

Text Box: The shiny gold pushrod wrap is a great  addition to compliment your bikes other gold accents.

Pushrod Cover - Solid Gold

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Price: $13.99/pr

Text Box: The solid black pushrod wrap is powder coated with a stain finish to perfectly compliment any black engine.

Pushrod Cover - Solid Black

Starting Price: $18.99/pr

Text Box: Custom colors and finishes available for special order.  Contact us for specific pricing and availability.

Pushrod Cover - Custom